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  1. Group chats
  2. Work & climate communities (CARL,, Green Web Foundation Fellows)
  3. Social justice discussions & new perspectives
  4. School, sort of (Sustainability Management @ Columbia)
  5. Sleep meditations (10% Happier)
  6. Yoga with Adriene & regular light stretching, foam rolling & exercise. This has helped a lot with shoulder pain also.
  7. New research methods & tools (Zotero,, Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteeen Minutes a Day)
  8. Using an RSS reader (Inoreader) instead of Twitter for news headlines
  9. Virtual therapy (Betterhelp), fitness coaching (Kickoff), self-care app (Finch)
  10. Scheduled Focus mode on Android, to turn off all notifications before bed
  11. A rotation of distractions: Youtube, video games, tv, “planning”, “research”, Twitter, Instagram… although this is also ruining my sleep schedule.

New things I am trying this year:

  1. Writing consistently. (I’m trying The Writer’s Hour right now.)
  2. Sharing what I’m learning & what I’m working on. (I’m not sure what the best channel for this is, since I get distracted by social media & Slack easily.)
  3. Reading with more intention. I want to be focused on specific questions when I read. I also want to take notes in a way that makes sense and connects things.
  4. Making decisions & committing to them (instead of keeping all options open & then getting overwhelmed).

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