Happy Lunar New Year! I love the new year & setting new goals, and making new plans. I’m especially happy that we get to have a second new year on the first day of February 🙂

Below are some planners that I’ve been using and tweaking for the past few months. They were initially based on the Momentum Planner. However, I made some adjustments because my work/day is really unstructured. I wanted to get better at estimating, and I wanted to see where my time was going when I went off-schedule.

If you’re in a similar situation, try it out! You can customize the Google Sheet template to fit your own needs:

Printable planners: Monthly, weekly, daily

Just go to File > Make a copy and start customizing

Why paper?

I really like paper & stationery! More practically speaking, paper forces me to be realistic about my plans. If my goals & tasks don’t fit on the page, they’re probably not going to fit in a 24-hour day.

I’m not against digital planning. I think it’s great for collaboration — I’m working on 4 different projects with 4 different teams and the planning is spread across Notion, Trello boards (so many boards), Google Docs & Sheets, Asana, multiple calendars & email addresses, Slack workspaces, etc. But with all these tools, it’s impossible to get a single view of what I need to get done in a day. I’ve tried to combine everything into Wunderlist (RIP) or Ticktick in the past — it’s just too easy to create a giant mountain of promises & tasks that never get done.

Other paper benefits: I don’t have to worry about permissions, adjust to constant UX updates, try to sync everything, flip back and forth between accounts & screens, wonder what happens when another user leaves… I can spread everything out and see it all at once!

What about the trees?

I buy recycled paper and I recycle paper. Most of my projects are related to climate. This is the best I can do right now.

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