Presentation slide. A collage of a woman wearing a VR headset, the Metaverse Festival, and a mine.
Text: "Seeing Climate Justice | Connecting to people and planet"

I just gave my final presentation! I don’t know how to write a recap right now. I’ve been a part of this fellowship for the past 9+ months to explore the intersection of climate justice and internet technology. It’s been incredibly humbling and difficult to share the process — because I know that I’m missing major concepts and principles of climate justice & still have a lot to learn. I also am not that technical. I don’t want to share ideas that are wrong and could be used to justify oppression…

On the other hand, I’ve learned that other ideas I’ve shared about sustainability & tech are also wrong. So. Maybe this is better. This is where I’m at so far — this is not Climate Justice Truth, these are ideas in progress:

I am extremely grateful for this experience. I’ve learned so much from the other fellows and the fellowship leaders. They were truly thoughtful people, like in the caring sense and also in a deep, critical thinking sense. You can check out their writings here and their final projects here.

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