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😸 Establishing (CAT): After 5 years of being completely volunteer-run, we’re forming a Community Interest Company! This will help give us the structure to fundraise and hire someone to help manage the day-to-day community management tasks. With the extra capacity, we’ll be able to develop new programs and train new leaders to join our mission to green the tech industry.

🌦️ Building a climate action resource library (CARL) to help people get started with climate action in the workplace. The concept is a spinoff of CAT, we want to create an entry point for people in all industries and roles to see that they can green their day-to-day work.

Right now we’re testing different methods for analyzing one’s work footprint & finding meaningful and feasible climate-positive action. We’re also learning the landscape of social impact startups & nonprofits. If you have any experience or advice in this area, I would love to talk!

🤓 Back to school: I haven’t graduated yet! I’m taking Responsiveness and Resiliency in the Built Environment (syllabus) this fall at Columbia. At this rate, I’ll be here til the end of 2024.

✊ Advocating for DEI, student needs, and climate justice: As president of the student group SUMA Equity Alliance, I’m working with a great group of students to:

  • ensure that the administration follows through on their DEI commitments
  • help integrate climate justice into the program
  • create a more inclusive culture among the student body

(☝️Again, if anyone reading this is working on something similar, let’s chat & exchange notes!)

📚 Reading: Leadership & community organizing. I’m accepting that the Agile/Scrum skills that I learned as a product manager don’t translate well to the async-part-time-volunteer-driven projects that I’m working on now. I might have to do more public speaking too. Some of the books on my reading list include:

  • Dare to Lead, Brené Brown
  • Becoming a Technical Leader, Gerald M. Weinberg
  • Who do we choose to be? Margaret J. Wheatley
  • Emergent Strategy, adrienne maree brown
  • Cascades, Greg Satell
  • Organizing for Social Change, Kim Bobo, Jackie Kendall, Steve Max

🎮 Games: Just finished Cult of the Lamb! Horizon Forbidden West is up next or maybe Hyrule Warriors.

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