Small Island Big Song

Please watch the video for the translation & the people & the island landscapes -- it's really beautiful: Small Island Big Song is a music, film, live project featuring over a hundred musicians across 16 island nations of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, creating a contemporary and relevant musical statement of a region in … Continue reading Small Island Big Song

Syllabus: It Is What It Is

Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor by Lynda Barry What is it? A syllabus/sketchbook on seeing-writing-doodling-cartooning-being-humanRating: ✨💫⭐️💫✨Links: Syllabus @ Drawn & Quarterly | @thenearsightedmonkey This book is brilliant, inspiring, playful and also incredibly strict, serious, and bold. I can't explain it -- you just have to check it out, especially if you used to draw … Continue reading Syllabus: It Is What It Is